If you grasp the technique explained in the test lesson, you will easily cope with the other lessons of the course «Portrait in Semi-Realistic Style».
Want to learn to draw on your tablet from scratch?
Or improve your drawing skills in semi-realistic style?
For a lot of foreign students, classes in Russian are no problem. Our unique method is also very clear and understandable through hand gesture explanations in the video lessons.
We offer you a free lesson in Russian
+ designer paintbrushes as a present

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Fulfil yourself in modern art and take commissions with good price tags, just like our students from all over the world:
Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, USA, Iceland, Turkey, Korea, France, Ireland, Sweden, Germany, etc.
Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, USA, Iceland, Turkey, Korea, France, Ireland, Sweden, Germany, etc.
Портрет в стиле полуреализм


Sign up for the course, and very soon you will take your skills and income to the next level.
Course starts 15th July 2021

Course structure

The upgraded course is notable for teaching semi-realistic portrait techniques. This style is most popular with clients today. Each lesson gives students comprehensive information for them to become independent professionals and start earning money from art.
🔥Purchase the course within two days after the master class and get exclusive courses as a present.🎁
Module 1
Intro class on Procreate. Getting to know the interface of the program.
We will also learn about light. It will help you avoid major mistakes when drawing light and shadow in the future.
Module 2
We will learn the basics of drawing male and female faces. We will together draw full-face portraits from scratch and without reference.
Module 3
Using my technique, we will draw simply structured male and female facial features: nose, eye, lips.
Module 4
Still dislike drawing hair? 😉

My technique will let you draw it fantastically and decorate your pieces of art with mind-blowing hairstyles.
Module 5
A portrait of a seductive beauty with a fantastic hairstyle and immaculate tanned skin. You will learn to choose expressive makeup which will become your advantage. And drawing hair will be your favourite step in creating digital portraits.

Module 6
This will be one of your favourite portraits. You will enjoy the process of drawing:
- skin on the basis of a unique technique;
- the details of jewellery;
- evening makeup;
- laconic hairstyles.
And you will be able to easily reproduce all this in your own works.❤️
Module 7
A blonde with astonishing blue eyes and a crystal diadem will not leave you and your subscribers indifferent. Creating fantastic hair and precious stones will become your strong point in digital art. You will always be able to create the wow factor for your clients.😉
Module 8

Using my unique technique, we will draw the first male portrait of a hot handsome man with perfect shiny skin. You will understand the differences between male and female faces and make no mistakes of this kind in the future.

Module 9
The second male portrait is that of a brutal bearded man. A special perspective and a beard are the unique features of this lesson that make pieces of art closer to the realistic style. You will stop being afraid of drawing men and start enjoying the process.

Our students' works

Course fees

Package «Light»
16200 roubles
- - - - - - -
- Video lessons
- Home assignments
- Check lists
- Student chat

3-month access
«With Feedback»
17400 roubles
- - - - - -
- Video lessons
- Home assignments
- Check lists

4-month access
- Certificate
- Student chat
- Feedback

Package «VIP»
35000 roubles
- - - - - - -
- Video lessons
- Home assignments
- Check lists

Доступ 6-month
- Certificate
- Student chat
- Feedback from Irina
- Analyses of 3 outside-the-course works within a month
- Course «Babies» as a present
- Module «Social Media Content and Promotion»

Course starts 15th July 2021
you experience any problems with making a payment, please DM Bengala.Art
you experience any problems with making a payment, please DM Bengala.Art
you experience any problems with making a payment, please DM Bengala.Art
Hurry up! Make a prepayment of 1000 roubles and get the lesson «Pink Art» costing 2500 roubles as a present!
Bonuses for those who will buy the course within two days
If you pay for the course in full, you get two presents
The exclusive bonus lesson «Pink Art» costing 2500 roubles
The course «Dear Pets» costing 4000 roubles

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About myself

My name is Irina, but as an artist I am better known under the nickname of Bengala Art.

In the past, I finished an art school and graduated from a university with a degree in Architecture (Architecture and Design).

For more than two years, I have been drawing digital portraits on an iPad Pro using Procreate.

I draw male, female, and child portraits as well as animal portraits. In addition to doing drawing commissions, I create my own design paintbrushes for Procreate and have already released 6 courses!

You can find me on Instagram @bengala.art

Examples of the course author's works

What do you need to take the course?

You will need an iPad/ iPad Air / iPad Pro, an Apple Pencil Stylus, and Procreate Program or Infinity Program (Android). We provide all the original paintbrushes as a present. (Attention! The lessons are filmed in Procreate, but you will be able to work in Infinity).
Ирина Bengala Art

Frequently asked questions

Below are my answers to the most frequently asked questions about the course
Is it suitable for a beginner?
Yes! I start the course with an introductory lesson, where I make my students acquainted with the program interface we need, and after that we do everything step by step and draw everything from scratch! Due to my tips, you will be able to achieve similarity and good results even if you only have basic drawing skills.
What program will I need to work in?
I film the whole course working in Procreate on an iPad Pro, but my experience with previous courses shows that the course can be successfully taken in other programs, too (PS, Infinite Painter, etc. if you have a little experience of working with them and can select original paintbrushes (they are all simple).
How long does the course last? Will I have enough time to study everything?
You will! I will grant you access for a total of 60 days! That is more than enough. The video material in the course is about 20 hours long, so it will be possible to study all the lessons at a comfortable pace.
What is the price? Will there be any discounts?
We have several packages and a system of bonuses. You can choose a variant that suits you best.
How to start the course?
You should select a package you want. Then press the button «Sign up for the course», fill out a form, and make a payment.

Attention! If you are from Ukraine, DM me for payment details (via PrivatBank).
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